Saturday, October 14, 2006

Web 2.0 Financial Sites

There's a new breed of interactive financial sites out there. Here are a few of the all new Web 2.0 financial sites: SquawkLive examines over 8,500 stocks every minute of every trading day, including before and after market hours. They also have a nice industry screener for stock research.

ValueWiki: ValueWiki is a free investment wiki where users write & compile research on stocks and mutual funds. It also offers free investor chat, message boards, and blogging.

Wikistock: A wiki site aimed at making financial information free and open. Similar to ValueWiki.

FiNTAG: A provider of tag information for financial instruments, FiNTAG is now also the leading Hedge Fund website run by Hedge Fund professionals.

That's it for now, more later.

Did you notice how Mastercard blew away estimates? I bought this stock shortly after IPO. I believe Americans are going to continue building up debt, and Mastercard(MA) is well positioned for cash less society. I believe it's a strong buy after a pullback.

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Robert D. said...

Just wanted to say thanks for including me in you list. Thats awesome. If there is anything you or anybody else would like to see added to wikistock, please let me know. Thank you.