Monday, July 24, 2006

5 Stock Picks Under $10

Here are five stocks under $10 that I've been researching, and you should consider looking into yourself.

First off is Cosi(COSI). Cosi is a restaurant on the order of Panera Bread. Although they only have 99 franchies right now, they are expected to add 400 by 2009. However, there are signs that earnings could be hurt by the expansion.

Seachange(SEAC) makes video on demand possible. The upside is the great potential in this field, where Amazon is expected to launch a download site next month. The negative is that earnings aren't really great right now, so there could be some waiting for tech to get hot again.

Design Within Reach(DWRI) is like a high end Pier One. Mostly catering to the wealthy, they have done well in recent years due to real estate market. I believe they will continue to do well, even though an earnings miss destroyed share price recently, and their CFO just resigned, however there has been some inside buying, always a positive sign.

Interstate Hotels and Resorts(IHR) manages hotels. They have seen incredible growth lately, and their shares have great relative strength. These shares keep peaking above $10 lately, so try to catch it under $10.

Last but not least Vaalco Energy(EGY). Vaalco drills for oil off of the coast of Africa. They are a small but growing company with a huge amount of cash. A good bet for those seeking a growth pick in the oil sector. Some analysts think the company will eventually be bought up by a larger company.

Remember to do your DD on any stock before buying.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Inflation and your Investments

What is inflation and how should it affect my investing? is a good question these days. I did a little research for investing in times of rising inflation. Here are few good articles I found:
inflation and Investments
Where to Invest

Thursday, July 13, 2006

50 Small-Cap Stocks Picks

FORTUNE/CNN online has 50 Small-Cap Stocks to Watch. It's a nice list from some of the best money managers around. Some of the stocks on the list don't seem to be panning out, however Coinstar, one of my favorite stocks, is on the list as are many other great companies. The list is worth a look.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

OPWV Still not a Buy

A few weeks ago I wrote that OPWV - Openwave Systems Inc. was looking attractive at $11 but I felt that shares would go down to at least $9. Well due to a major earnings miss, shares are below $8 today. Hopefully readers took my advice and didn't buy at $11.

So are shares attractive now? I say no. I've seen this sort of thing before. Earnings were way off, and there is still an options semi-scandal hanging over the company. I am waiting until I see some inside buying, especially from the CFO. That would be my buy signal. The only reason the stock is still on my radar is because of the strong growth I see coming in the mobile market, and the part this company could end up playing.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Top 25 money Tips

The actual article from Canadian Business says The top 25 money tips of all time, which of course can be argued, however there are some great money tips in the article. It's worth printing out and hanging by your desk.