Monday, July 21, 2008

Citigroup Q2 Loss Narrows..Buy Citigroup?

So Citigroup Q2 loss was narrower than forecast. Their net loss was 54 cents per share. Compare that to a year earlier profit of $1.24 per share, and you would think that things were bleak. However this was widely expected as Citigroup is part of the mortgage meltdown and this was bound to happen. Now, I'm not saying anyone should run out and buy Citigroup, but they aren't going anywhere. And at these prices, I think that in a few years a lot of people are going to kick themselves for not buying shares below $20 a share.


Sean Hinton said...

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Anonymous said...

Citi closed at $3.65 today, 4/19/2009. Perhaps a counter example to your investing theory? - a random user who found your site from a google search

Anonymous said...

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paulwk said...

Anonymous, Citi is around $48 a share today.